Podcast Extra – Dr Gavin Merrifield

For May’s podcast, we reviewed the science book The God Equation: The Quest for a Theory of Everything by American theoretical physicist and science communicator Michio Kaku. You can listen to the review here (go on, you know you want to).

The book raised so many interesting questions for us that we invited friend of the podcast, and actual proper scientist, Dr Gavin Merrifield to join us in conversation for this podcast extra to discuss some of the issues further.
Length 32’10 minutes

Dr Gavin is a national committee member for both Christians in Science, the Science and Religion Forum and also works with the Faraday Institute. He is particularly interested in exploring new ways for churches to engage with science as well as encouraging Christians to engage with frontier topics such as artificial intelligence and extraterrestrial life. Gavin was a contributor to our Thousand Words feature way back in June 2015 where he did indeed talk about alien life.

Many, many thanks to Dr Gavin for joining us and being delightfully erudite and helpful!


As mentioned in the Podcast Extra, watch out for online events from the following:
Christians in Science
The Science and Religion Forum
The Faraday Institute

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