Podcast Extra – Lent 2020

Lent this year begins on Wednesday 26 February, and in this podcast extra our smallVOICE team of Darren, Anne & Holly share some of their own Lent hopes, practices and resources.

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The Lent book mentioned by Anne in this Lent podcast extra is: In Love with the Life of Life – daily readings, prayers, poems and actions for Lent, available from www.ionabooks.com

Anne also recommended Christ and the Chocolaterie by Hilary Brand – A Lent Course of five sessions based on scenes and characters from the film, ‘Chocolat’. And, finally, Another Story Must Begin by Jonathan Meyer – A Lent Course Based on the film of ‘Les Misérables’.

Holly  bought her finger labyrinth from Roy Clayton (Carvers Stable). Visit the Sacred Ordinary Days website here & the great Lent playlist Holly recommends from Sacred Ordinary Days is:
Also see: The ‘Living Without’ Campaign

Darren recommends:
Daily Prayer from the Church of England 
The #LiveLent resources from the C of E (Care for God’s Creation)
Lent Resources from Sojourners and in particular: https://sojo.net/articles/let-us-go-god-call-reclaiming-jesus-elders
And finally, a bit of Ignatian Spritituality might be just the thing….

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