Podcast Extra – Snowdrop Cafe

Here is another ‘small voice’ interview highlighting an organisation that’s small but making a BIG difference.

One of the effects of the pandemic and lockdown in 2020 was that ventures bringing people together in physical spaces had to stop – and it’s taken a long time to start up again. In 2019, the first Snowdrop Café opened in Denny in Central Scotland and the cafe idea was just beginning to spread when meetings had to stop. However, lockdown provided space for a model to be drawn up for other communities to set up their own ‘Snowdrop Cafés’, and it is proving to be a lifeline for those who came along on a regular basis.

Margaret spoke to Jayne Lamond of Strathcarron Hospice, who came up with the idea, and met June Reid who wouldn’t miss it her local Snowdrop cafe! [length: 11’38]

Find out more about Snowdrop Cafes
Denny Snowdrop Cafe on Facebook

The Freedom of Mind Choir – another former small voice of the month – performed at the Snowdrop Café in Falkirk this September. Photo from Falkirk Trinity Church.


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