Shelf Life: Martyrs by Bill Viola

Anne’s choice for inclusion on our shelf of worth is a challenging and moving video art installation that she saw recently at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Find out what she has to say about it in November’s podcast, and hear whether Margaret & Darren are convinced by its worth.

Martyrs_St PaulsThe Guardian has a video here which gives you an idea of the artwork (although the ‘panels’ of the piece are shown separately and not together).

‘Martyrs’ (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), is a large-scale, permanent video-installation created by the internationally acclaimed artist, BillViola, which can now be seen at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. The installation is the first moving-image artwork to be installed in aBritish cathedral or church on a long-term basis. ‘Martyrs’ is located behind the High Altar of the Cathedral in the south quire aisle, next to the American Memorial Chapel where US servicemen and women who gave their lives in the Second World War are commemorated, an area designated for contemplation and meditation.

‘Martyrs’ will be joined in 2015 by a second piece entitled ‘Mary’, which the artist has conceived as a companion work. Although installed in anAnglican cathedral, the works aim to engage with a multi-faith, multi-denominational audience, in keeping with a spiritual environment that attracts millions of people of all faiths, every year.

Admission to the artwork is free at the following times: 11.30am & 2.15pm precisely, Monday to Saturday.

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