Shelf Life

First there was the OLD Testament, then there was the NEW Testament … You’d have thought that some sort of sequel might have been on the cards?

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But, no. Since then, all sorts of Christian thought, poetry, music, art and theology has been created … Could we agree on a Testament PART III to explore the best and the brightest from these? Wouldn’t that make a great podcast feature?  Well, maybe, but not yet. Don’t go there.

Instead, rather wonderfully, what we’ve done is created a virtual bookshelf. The team in the studio discuss those books, films, artworks and so on that have spoken to them personally, even those that are a bit obscure, or clearly have far too many jokes. In every podcast, one of our team will step up to the plate and argue for the inclusion on the shelf of their chosen item. To say that it has ‘Shelf Life’. (See what we did there?)

  • In January’s podcast, Margaret argues for the inclusion of The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass Aged 37 3/4
  • For our Feb/Mar bumper podcast, Anne chooses journalist Fidelma Cook’s weekly columns from France in The Herald newspaper (also collected in a book as French Leave)
  • Tony Campolo joins our shelf of fame … in our April podcast, Darren recommends Dr Campolo’s A Reasonable Faith.
  • It’s a radio drama! Margaret successfully recommends BBC Radio’s dramatisation of The Magician’s Nephew by CS Lewis. (May podcast)
  • William Blake’s sketch of The Trinity, as proposed by Anne in our June podcast. Available to see here on the British Library online gallery.
  • Darren nominates a song, the beautiful ‘The Wood Song’ by Indigo Girls for September 2014’s podcast.


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