small voice of the month – Creatovators

It’s such a great thing to be able to do to help people.”

June Grindley runs Creatovators, which, with the use of Lego™-based play and other techniques, helps children on the autistic spectrum to have fun together, in a safe accepting environment, learning to communicate with each other and the people around them. There’s also a monthly playscheme for all the family. June’s enthusiasm and commitment is evident!

smallVOICE roving reporter, Margaret, spoke to June in April 2022 and you can listen to what she has to say at 48’24 minutes in to May’s podcast.

Our ‘small voice of the month’ has been a regular feature in the podcast since January 2016 when we featured the Ambulance Wish Foundation. Since then it’s been great to highlight a huge variety of people or organisations that may be small, but are making a big difference.

Creatovators website

Creatovators on Facebook

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