small voice of the month – Emma Gonzalez

This month’s small voice is a voice which has now found a global audience – but from a tragic context. Our featured ‘small voice’ is Emma Gonzalez, one of the survivors of the deadly shooting on February 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Since that day, young people across the United States have taken to the streets and found a voice. The March for our Lives event in Washington DC on March 24th was the occasion which produced a stunning, moving, oratory from Emma – and a stunning  slience.

You can hear some of Emma’s speech in this feature from about 34’18 in to our April podcast. If ever a small voice needs to resonate and grow and grow…

As the smallVOICE team says in the podcast, a message has also been sent to Florida, and to the world, from parents and siblings of the 16 children and teacher killed in Dunblane in Scotland on March 13, 1996, 22 years ago. The video Dunblane Stands With Parkland #NeverAgain, first shown on Buzzfeed News, details efforts to alter gun laws and urges US survivors to keep faith in change. Visit here to see the video:


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