small voice of the month – solar cookers!

We continue our celebration of people or organisations who have a small voice but make a big difference…

The use of solar cookers is growing all the time. As Margaret points out in the podcast, it’s not something that is likely to take off here in Scotland, but like all of our small voice of the month picks, it started with a brilliant small idea that has grown.

Solar cookers use the sun’s energy to heat a solar appliance – various types available – which is used to cook food or to boil water. It avoids the necessity of gathering and burning firewood, reducing both deforestation and avoiding respiratory health problems.

Listen to our team’s assessment at around 36’46 minutes in to our February podcast.

One of the early pioneers was Jon Bohmer, who invented the ‘Kyoto Box’ and we feature a short clip from a report by Andrew Simmons of Al-Jazeera News in 2009 which features an interview with Jon. You can watch the full Al Jazeera report here:

And click here more information about solar cookers worldwide.

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