small voice of the month – Stirling Soup (and other soup crowdsourcing events!)

We boldly continue our search for people or organisations who have a small voice but make a big difference… our September podcast features Stirling Soup (listen from around 29’22 minutes in).

Stirling SoupStirling Soup is a community crowd-funding event, bringing together local people to support projects that improve our local area. It’s a really simple concept, based on an idea that started in Detroit, US, and has since spread all over the world. In the case of Stirling, you can donate £5 (or more) to come along to an evening of live music and soup, listen to four or five pitches from local people who have an idea / project to make Stirling a better place to live, and vote on your favourite. At the end of the night, the winner takes away all of the donations to invest in their project (and returns to a future event to update us all on its progress). At a Stirling Soup event in May, £630 was donated to Stirling Citizens for Sanctuary, a project that helps welcome refugees in to the local community. Any type of project is welcome to apply (you don’t need to be a registered charity), as long as your project: (a) benefits Stirling and (b) is small enough for funding to make a real difference.

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