small voice of the month UPDATE – Lingo Flamingo

Language learning is good for the brain and good for the banter.

There is evidence that learning a foreign language is a great way to keep elderly brains active, and when smallVoice first met Lingo Flamingo’s Robbie Norval in 2017, the focus was on running blocks of learning in care homes, giving an experience of Spanish, Italian, French or German which was a long way from the irregular verbs and lists of vocabulary of long-past schooldays.

Now, in 2021 due to Covid-19, the language lessons have moved online and more languages are available to a wider public. However, Lingo Flamingo’s core work is still with the care home residents. How does that work in a pandemic when the doors are shut to visitors ?

Rosi Mele of Lingo Flamingo talked to Margaret about the new ways they have found to keep in contact. Listen at around 37’17 minutes into May’s podcast.

Lingo Flamingo website


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