small voice of the month – Venture Scotland

‘Venture Scotland #Changing Young Lives Outdoors’ – the hashtag sums it up! The value of ‘outdoors’ has become more evident to everyone over the last year, but Venture Scotland has known this for a long time. The organisation offers disadvantaged young people aged 16-30 a year long personal development programme in the outdoors, in words such as the ‘Journey’ and the ‘Adventure.

Due to the latest Covid lockdown, it took over three months for us to arrange an interview (in the outdoors!) with Venture Scotland CEO David Brackenridge and Callum O’Brien, but the story is worth the wait. Callum himself followed the Venture Scotland ‘journey’ in 2019 and is now an ambassador for the organisation.

Have a listen to roving reporter Margaret’s interview with David and Callun in our June podcast and hear for yourself why Venture Scotland is our ‘small voice of the month’. A small organisation making a big difference. Listen at around 44’36 minutes in to the podcast.

Venture Scotland website


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