small voice of the month – Ghana’s bamboo bikes

BambooBikes1We continue our new feature ‘small voice of the month’ – it’s our search for people or organisations who have a small voice but make a big difference.

For our February podcast, we feature Ghana Bamboo Bikes and you can listen to what the team makes of this initiative at around 39’25 minutes in to the podcast.

But in their own words:

The Ghana Bamboo Bikes is a socio-ecological green initiative that addresses the quadruple problems of climate change, poverty, rural-urban migration and high unemployment amongst the youth in rural Ghana by creating employment opportunities and sustainable livelihood job skills for the youth through the building of high quality handcrafted second generation bamboo bikes for the international export markets.

We offer multipurpose second generation bamboo bikes that are suitable for the high terrain and rough roads for local and international needs using native bamboo.

We believe that business opportunities exists in all the areas of Ghana and are committed to improving the standard of living of young Ghanaians through the creation of sustainable social enterprises.

We are committed to promoting fair trade, treating people fairly, profit sharing with builders, creating environmentally responsible products that contribute in reducing climate change commitment to protect the environment and promoting environmental awareness.

Visit their website here



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