smallVOICE podcast – December 2014

In our now fully-traditional Christmas podcast, the team reviews the Badvent Calendar of the Year competition run by Ship of Fools| Lovely, haunting music in the studio from Katy Meehan and Ciarán McGlynn | Anne talks to junior doctor George Walsh about her picture that is worth A Thousand Words | We have a Shelf Life Christmas special, oh yes we have| And our Moral Mixdown discussion considers the Nativity play in all its varied forms (UKIP-sanctified, all-inclusive, and just weird).

Darren, Anne and Margaret are in the studio roasting chestnuts by an open fire and the rest of us are looking for – well, love actually.

Recorded on Thursday 4 December 2014. Length: 58 mins 34 secs.

Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod

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