smallVOICE podcast – December 2019

In our podcast Christmas stocking for December Anne talks to Martin Johnstone about his image that is worth a thousand words; there’s a Media Review special with gift recommendations from our team; roving reporter Margaret brings us our ‘small month of the month’ which highlights a simple request that got a big response; and we have music in the form of two Christmas Carols. Yes, we know itโ€™s not quite Christmas yet, but weโ€™re feeling rebellious! Speaking of which, our Moral Mixdown debate asks: Why do churches get Advent wrong? Gosh.

In the studio, wearing tinsel and reeking of mulled wine, are Darren, Anne and Holly.

Recorded on Thursday 19 December 2019. Duration: 1:02:22

Theme music and strings by Nicolai Heidlas

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