smallVOICE podcast – January 2014

New year, new theme tune …. same old presenters. It’s a good one though:  ‘A Thousand Words’ is contributed by Kathy Galloway, Head of Christian Aid Scotland | Music in the studio is from the  ebullient Alan Sorensen (with Lucas on guitar)| Our Media Review focuses on the controversial Channel 4 programme, Benefits Street | The Moral Mixdown discussion considers Ronnie Biggs’ funeral which was taken by Church of England vicar, Rev Dave Tomlinson | And a new regular item  *SMALL DRUM ROLL* ….. Shelf Life.  This month Margaret attempts to convince Darren & Anne that The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass Aged 37 3/4 should be part of a third testament ‘canon’. That’s it really.

Presented by Darren, Anne & Margaret. Helped by all the usual zero-hour contract staff.

Recorded on Thursday 30 January 2014. Length: 58 minutes 36 seconds.

Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod

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