smallVOICE podcast – September 2016

PLAYiconIn a packed, and timed-to-perfection podcast, we review Richard Holloway’s new book, A Little History of Religion…. Kelvin Holdsworth contributes a very special ‘Thousand Words’ interview in the context of the September 11th attacks in New York …. we feature our regular ‘small voice of the month’, this time involving soup and crowdsourcing …. AND we’ll discuss the ethical issues surrounding burkinis in our Moral Mixdown…. If that wasn’t enough, fresh from appearing at Glastonbury and the Cambridge Folk Festival, the wonderful indie-Americana band Wildwood Kin are here to give us an exclusive live studio session, as a preview of their new mini-album.

Our presenting team is Darren, Anne and Margaret. Darren may have said “Yowsa!” during the making of this podcast. We apologise unreservedly.

Theme music and stings courtesy of Kevin MacLeod.

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