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For 25 years Stephen Fischbacher and the Fischy Music team have worked with children, singing, song writing and healing their relationship with the world around them. But what happens when singing is not allowed? Our roving reporter, Margaret, found out that the value of Fischy songs to young people reaches much further than music and words.

Our thanks to Stephen Fischbacher, Suzanne Butler and John Cross of Fischy Music for taking the time to speak to us and also to Linda who is a Primary School teacher in Glasgow. We hope they, and the rest of the Fischy team, have a great 25th birthday!

Recorded during August 2023. Available from Apple Podcasts , TuneIn Radio, and your favourite podcast App.  Duration: 28’41 minutes.
Theme music by Nicolai Heidlas.

Fischy Music Live! 🎶🤩🎉
The full Fischy Band are looking forward to some special anniversary concerts:

Glasgow 16th September – Royal Concert Hall
Aberdeen 17th September – Tivoli Theatre
Edinburgh 24th September – Queen’s Hall

To find out more about Fishy Music go to their website.
There is also news, and regular updates, on their Facebook Page.

Stephen Fischbacher was the guest for our A Thousand Words feature for smallVOICE in September 2019 , and Suzanne Butler is part of the FAB band Siskin Green, who were interviewed by Darren for the podcast in September 2022 .

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