August studio music guest: Brian McGlynn

Brian McGlynn provided the live studio music in August's podcast
Brian McGlynn provided the live studio music in August’s podcast

“I am a songwriter, singer and performer based in Glasgow. My passion is for well-crafted, soulful songs with an underlying blues and gospel feel. My influences lie in the late 50s/early 60s folk boom and classic rock and pop (Beatles, Beach Boys, Kinks, Who, Motown, Chess). My songwriting heroes include Dylan, Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot, Rev Gary Davis, Holland-Dozier-Holland, Jackson Browne and Howlin’ Wolf. Few things in life make me as happy as singing and playing for an audience. Right now I am getting heavily back into music – both performing live and recording.”
Brian’s bio from Reverbnation 

Brian McGlynn

B&W Photo by Lauren McGlynn Photography

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