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We do like to be beside the seaside! Welcome to another special smallVOICE featuring ‘small voices’ – individuals, groups and organisations that are small but making a big difference. This time, our roving reporter, Margaret, speaks to two people involved with providing beach wheelchairs, a great project allowing people access to some of Scotland’s beautiful beaches.

We want people to enjoy the beach with family and friends. The beach is a special place where people can have new experiences, make long-lasting memories or be taken back to their childhood just by the sound of the waves and the smell of salt on the air.”

Dornoch Beach Wheelchairs
Nairn Beach Wheelchairs
Beach wheelchairs charity 

Our thanks as ever to Margaret for tracking down all our small voices. If you have any suggestions for someone or a group or an organisation that you think needs highlighting, please just let us know!

Recorded February 2024; podcast published March 2024. Available from Apple Podcasts , TuneIn Radio, and via your favourite podcast App. Duration: 16’56 minutes. Theme music and stings by Nicolai Heidlas.

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