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Welcome to this special smallVOICE feature about the great work of Street Pastors in Falkirk in central Scotland. Our roving reporter, Margaret, spoke to volunteers John, Nikki and Joanne, just a few days before Christmas.

These volunteers aren’t just for Christmas though – they are out in the city centre every weekend of the year, helping people late at night. A huge variety of needs – and, as you’ll hear, it’s amazing what they have to carry in their kit bag ….

Falkirk Street Pastors were commissioned in 2010. We are a dedicated group of Christians committed to patrolling the town centre on a Saturday night from about 10pm until 3.30am (ish) on the Sunday. (During Easter, Christmas and New Year we patrol on a Friday and Saturday).
OUR AIM: Listen, Care and Help. We want to bring peace and a Christian presence to the night life in our community by building relationships and serving where we can.
OUR VALUES: Work in partnership with police, council, taxi marshalls, door stewards and managers, Red Cross and Addiction services to ensure that ‘Falkirk Delivers’ the best.

Street Pastors in Falkirk website 
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