sv podcast – January unresolved

Happy 2024! In this January podcast, Holly and Darren delve deeply into the dark waters of New Year Resolutions. Is transformation possible? New new you?

Lots of threads here in the chat, joining up honesty, faith, hope and redemption … Perhaps we need to embrace a bit of fragility too?

What’s your experience of resolutions, dear listener? Let us know!

Also in the podcast, shout outs for Argentine Tango and the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, and there’s a catch up on our media recommendations from December (‘The Traitors’, anyone?).  Later on, bonus points are available for spotting Holly’s cat, Skye, briefly joining in towards the end of the podcast.

Show notes & links are below!

This podcast was recorded on Thursday 11 January 2024.
Available from Apple Podcasts , TuneIn Radio, and via your favourite podcast App.
Duration: 50’53 minutes.
Theme music and stings by Nicolai Heidlas.

The key to keeping new year resolutions? Don’t make them in the first place’ by Oliver Burkeman
A Thousand Words with Martin Johnstone 
How to Put Belief Back Together Once You’ve Torn It Apart (with Diana Butler Bass)
Reluctantly Charmed by Ted Lasso (with Nadia Bolz-Weber)
Mid-Faith Crisis podcast – Nick Page & Joe Davis

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