sv podcast – talking Spiritual Care with Laura

Welcome, gentle listener, and thanks for joining us! In this podcast we explore spiritual care – both in health care and in life in general. And we’re delighted to speak with Laura who is a hospice chaplain in central Scotland. Our recurring themes recently in the podcast have been faith and doubt, and grief, and the idea and practice of spiritual care seems to weave in and out of these themes.

Laura joins Darren and Holly by the power of Zoom for a fascinating, truthful and kind conversation.

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This podcast was recorded on Thursday 18 May 2023. Available from Apple Podcasts , TuneIn Radio, and on your favourite podcast App.  Duration: 39’17 minutes.
Theme music by Nicolai Heidlas.

Referenced this month is A Hole in the World by Amanda Held Opelt

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels

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