sv podcast – where we get a little bit book-clubby and read Faith, Hope & Carnage

We have read a book for Lent this year, oh yes, and it’s the fascinating Nick Cave and Seán O’Hagan collaboration, Faith, Hope and Carnage. Listen to Holly & Darren chewing it over in this podcast … There is indeed lots of faith and hope (not quite sure about the carnage) and reflections on grief and presence.

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This podcast was recorded on Thursday 16 March 2023. Available from Apple Podcasts , TuneIn Radio, and from your favourite podcast App.  Duration: 37 minutes.
Theme music by Nicolai Heidlas.

Faith, Hope and Carnage is published by Canongate Books

Faith, Hope and Carnage is an extended conversation between Nick Cave and Observer journalist, Seán O’Hagan, who have known one another for thirty years. Created from over forty hours of intimate recordings, the book examines questions of faith, art, music, freedom, grief and love.

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