A Thousand Words – Pat Bennett

Pat Bennett is a writer and liturgist based in Scotland. She has a dual background in medicine and theology and a deep interest from both perspectives in the experience of human relational connection and its effect on health and well-being. Her doctoral dissertation, which used theological, immunological, and neurobiological insights to explore the link between relational experience and health, was awarded the 2014 ESSSAT (European Society for the Study of Science and Theology) Research Prize for ‘an outstanding original contribution’ at ‘the interface between theology and the natural sciences.’

This painting (above) is The Grotto, Halswell by John Piper and Pat talks about its importance to her in our September podcast at 27’08 minutes in to the podcast.

A collection of Pat’s hymn texts, ’The Leavening of Life’, was published in July this year by Wild Goose Publications.  Pat is a writer for the Spirituality of Conflict project and the editor of an associated lectionary resource, ‘What were you arguing about along the way?’, which is due to be published by Canterbury Press this Autumn. She is a member of the Iona Community and of St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow.

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