Music guests – Fischy Music

This is a great song from Fischy Music! Fischy Music is a charity founded in 1998 and they have pioneered a unique approach to wellbeing in children, producing online songs and resources that are used nationally and internationally. Their Health and Wellbeing songs and resources aim to be inclusive and appropriate for all children regardless of outlook on life or religious belief. But with roots in the Christian Faith, they also provide resources that are suitable for use in religious and moral education and in church settings. They work directly with children, locally and nationally, singing, writing and listening to songs in primary schools, faith and community settings.

And we are very happy to play one of their most popular songs! It’s called Someone is With You and you can it at around 24’00 minutes in to our September podcast.

Fischy Music is celebrating 20 years with a crowdfunding project to create 10 new songs and full resources for them – find out more on their website.

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