Podcast Extra: You know what we mean when we talk of a King

As a little Advent gift, here’s a couple of wee podcast extras. As regular listeners will have noticed, the Moral Mixdown feature in our podcasts this year has struggled to ignore the impact the 45th President of the United Stated of America has made on the world. Given that the Moral Mixdown exists to explore topical and ethical matters …. yep, that’s how it’s gone!

Our first Advent extra imagines what Donald J Trump might make of the Christmas story, and you can listen to it by clicking here on this very sentence. (It also features in our December podcast at around 52’10 minutes followed by some chat by the team.)

The second, more genuinely extra, item is a poem which Anne contributed to the mix, we think by Anon, and which presents a nice counterpoint to ‘Christmas according to The Donald’.
You know what we mean when we talk of a King …

Click here to listen – Merry Christmas!


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